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Missing scene for 'No Man's Land'

By: reen212000
Summary: Ooh! The pretty colors! Just what was Sheppard thinking about hiding on that Wraith ship?

Ok, so I notice that no one has posted here for a while. But that's not gonna stop me!

*Spoilers kinda*
Okay, so this was kinda rolling around in my head after I saw No Man’s Land.
I don’t own the lovely Stargate ‘verse. If I did, life would be fabulous!

The first Hive ship opened a window in hyperspace.

No! his mind screamed. They would not get away from him again.

John Sheppard swore mightily as he dodged floating debris from various ships, destroyed in what was becoming a very bloody battle. The death of any flying ship oddly moved him. Acting quickly, he aimed his F-302 towards the remaining Hive ship, which gracefully listed starboard.

There. He saw an opening. No, an opportunity. A chance.

A lazy smile curved his lips as he caught up with the ship. Confident fingers touched the control panel. He had a plan. Half-assed, yes, but a plan nevertheless. He flew the small ship up under the strangely organic Hive ship just as it opened a hyperspace window. Docking clamps engaged, Sheppard let his tired eyes rove the rough and smooth landscape of the Hive ship.

“Okay,” he drawled. “This is new.”

Here he was, magnetically attached to a big – no, freakin’ huge – Wraith ship. Sheppard felt like a single fly on an elephant, and hopefully, just as noticeable. For a second, he let cold fear settle on his chest. He pushed it away with difficulty, filing it away for future use. That fear would get him out of the most dire situations. There was no way in hell he was going to let any member of his team – his friends – die without him putting up a fight. Yes, he would use that fear, channel it into a bigger, better plan.

Glancing out his cockpit window, he watched the wild, swirling colors of hyperspace. What are these swirls? Stars? Planets? Galaxies? Or was it the actual bending of light, time, and space? Who’da thunk tearing a hole in space could look so... pretty.

So iridescent. So sporadic. Random beauty in a cold, dark place.

“I’ll have to ask Rodney when we get back,” he whispered, as a thought struck him.

No. No.

They would make it back. He couldn’t -- wouldn’t -- leave Elizabeth like that. She would not be left alone to deal with the elusive Powers That Be. He knew she would contact the SGC in light of all that had happened. The Wraith lived up to their reputation. They all knew the experimental -- screw that, it was downright iffy at best -- alliance would cause trepidation, but the outright betrayal--

“They are Wraith,” Teyla had said simply. Wanting a solution so badly, even if temporary, he knew this mission could not fail. Now he was fighting an impossible fight.

Listening to his own breathing, Sheppard tried to collect his scattering thoughts to form a solid plan. Think, Sheppard. Think.

The swirling lights suddenly went dark. He wasn’t sure when the last time he slept or even ate. How long had he been there? How long before the Wraith dropped out of hyperspace? Where would they end up? His adrenaline high was waning, and now was sure as hell not the time to let it slow him down!

His eyes snapped open, bringing everything into sharp focus. With a sigh, he looked down at his controls. The display presented him with a question.

He would not fail.

He could not fail.

Ah... A plan...

The end... well almost the end of the first scene. You know what happened next. And the scene with the girl was genius, in my opinion.
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