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Missing scene for 'Sateda'

Title: Those Left Behind
By: reen212000

Here’s a missing scene from the nearly perfect ‘Sateda’. I’m not a huge fan of Ronon, but his backstory changed my mind about his character. Hope to see this excellent execution of script and direction continue through the season!

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BTW, I don’t own these precious characters. Just playing with them. I promise to put them back when I’ve finished!

He was dizzy.

He was aching.

He was tired.

But most of all, he was angry.

Not quite sure if he was angry with Ronon for what he did, or because it was something he himself would do. But the last thing John Sheppard wanted to do was leave him. These people would not listen, and they would be dead within the hour. And Ronon would be a Runner again, maybe for the last time.

“Of all the misguided –” The outburst earned him a violent shove to his sore shoulder. Absently, he rubbed his shoulder, feeling the small hole in his new leather jacket. A scar. A battle wound. It was the first, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. Something to remind him that he lived another day. Would Ronon Dex get that chance?

Sheppard would make sure of it.

His heart beat faster as his anger surged; his hands balled into fists and relaxed several times. Think! He ran calculations through his head. How long it would take to cull the village, how long it would take for them to get reinforcements, how long to get back to the village, how long to search for survivors. But he knew all of this was futile. There would be no survivors here.

The last few feet to the gate, their captors released he and Teyla. They both turned to see if anyone stayed behind. Yep, they’re all there. New plan. “Teyla, dial the gate,” he said through clenched teeth, his arms stiff and straight, hands balled into tight fists.

Teyla looked at her friend and commanding officer. Their cultures and ethics varied, but they were both leaders, making the best decisions available to them. She knew Sheppard would come up with a plan of action, but would it be too late for the Satedan? On the other hand, why should he? Ronon Dex was not a member of this expedition from Earth, and didn’t have quite the connection she had with these people. But she knew Colonel Sheppard considered the man part of his team, and a peer. Maybe even a friend. She watched his mouth set in a firm line of determination; his normally lively green eyes dulled with anger and guilt.

Although she briefly hesitated, the worry in her eyes penetrated Sheppard’s icy disposition. “We’ll get him back,” he said calmly, succinctly.

As they entered the gate, he thought he heard the distant whine of a Wraith dart.
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