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Missing scene for 'Sateda' part 2

Title: WWJSD?
By: reen212000
Summary: What would John Sheppard do?

This is the second part of the Sateda tag....

Rodney McKay snapped his fingers, startling the doctor out of his contemplative stare at the display. “I have an idea.” Of course, it would take the both of them to do something the colonel could do by himself. But Sheppard wasn’t piloting this jumper, was he?

Beckett sighed. “What now, Rodney?” Crossing his arms tightly across his chest, he waited for the scientist to unveil his ingenious plan.

“Okay, believe it or not, you’re the only one right now who can do this,” McKay said, eyes glittering dangerously.

The doctor closed his eyes in exasperation. Talk, talk, talk. “Spit it out, Rodney! It’s not like we’ve got all bloody day.”

“Yes, yes, I realize that.” McKay winced as he slipped back into the pilot’s chair, angering his healing wound. “We may not be military men, but we’ve got firepower, and the element of surprise on our side. And an Ancient gene.” He pointed directly at Beckett. “Yours.”

Busying himself with powering up the jumper, he turned the ship in the direction of Ronon’s last stand. “I need you to aim a drone at that Wraith.”

“What!” Beckett’s brows scrambled to the top of his head. All he could think about was hitting anything but the alien.

“Carson,” McKay whined, “Ten minutes ago, you were ready to star in Rambo: The Return, and now you give me that look?” He shook his head quickly. “We’ve only got one shot at this. You can totally do this.

Squirming uncomfortably in his chair, Beckett watched the unfair showdown between Satedan and Wraith. “He doesn’t look like any Wraith I’ve seen before,” he said quietly. Over and over, the massive Wraith threw the runner down, yet Ronon kept getting back up. Glancing thoughtfully at McKay, he said, “You know he most likely will be angry with us for taking away–”

“Yes, yes, yes. But if we don’t get back to the Daedelus soon, Caldwell will probably leave us.”

Well, there’s yer answer, laddie. Beckett took a deep breath, and slowly let it out. No more bletherin’ on about breaking things. He tried to imagine he was looking down the barrel of a gun, acquiring his target. Closing his eyes, he felt the jumper click with his mind, arming the drone.



The jumper de-cloaked, successfully surprising the big Wraith.

Fire! This time his aim would be true.
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