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Fic: Bridges You Cross (PG-13) (Gen)

Greetings! Thought I'd say "Hi" and pave my way with a few Missing/During/Post Episode fics. Here are three I've written in the (moderately) recent past.

Title: Out & About
Rating: R
Pairing: Parrish/Lorne
Summary: A Parrish/Lorne series consistanting of 5 short stories. The first, The One With the Bleach is set both during and immediately following the episode Coup d'Etat (SGA 02x17), and the entire series is set between Coup d'Etat and Allies (SGA 02x20).

Title: The Six Senses
Rating: PG
Summary: A look inside John Sheppard's head during the second half of the episode The Return Pt. 1 (SGA 03x10), explored through the six senses.

Title: Bridges You Cross
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Set during and after The Return (SGA 03x10). Elizabeth Weir did what she thought she had to, to protect her city. One possible resolution to the cliff-hanger, but not likely to be the route MGM choses.

Tags: season 2
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