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Title: Absolute Confidence
Genre: missing scene/epilogue, gen
Length: ~2000 words
Rating: G
Episode: Inferno 2.19
Summary: Little something that took hold after the ep and would NOT let go.
Author's note: Special Thanks to morena_donn for her encouragement, prodding and hostage-negotiating skills.

Absolute Confidence
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A new episode calls for a new tag

Title: Calling it a night
Rating: PG
Classification: Sparky, fluff
Spoilers: Not really, but it’s a tag to 2x17, Coup d’état, so…
Summary: Just a little mindless fluff.
Author’s note: Until I can work on something more serious. Hugs and tackles to [info]venom69 who beta’ed the fic and pointed out to me that bras are silent creatures.

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