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sga_tag_fics's Journal

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Stargate Atlantis Missing Scenes and Episode Tags
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Don't you feel that sometimes the credits roll so soon? Don't you feel the need to know what happened betwenn x and y scenes? Need a place where to go look for all that was missing? You are in the right place. sga_tag_fics is for you.

This is a community that wants to offer a place to find missing scenes and episode tags for Stargate Atlantis episodes. Fics that are heavily related to episodes are okay, but they have to deal with the consequences of what we saw on screen.

All kinds of fic gen, het and slash and all pairings welcomed. Just use warnings.

The only rule is that your fic has to be a missing scene or a tag to the episode.

If you post the whole fic, please use the lj-cut option. It's also okay to post a link to your own lj, a community or your website. We accept also fic recs, feel free to post links.

Multiple fics per post are accepted, but they have to be related to the same episode.

Use of lj tags: label the season and the episode name. For example a tag for Hide and Seek should have the following tags: season 1, hide and seek.

Spoiler policy: We follow "Internet airing", this means you should see tags for the episode that hit the internet first (that's the US from July-September and Canada from Nov-January so far). However, we beg authors to label their fic so that readers know which episode we are dealing with.

Your ADMIN: lydkami nausica2
Reach ADMIN at sga.tag.fics@gmail.com

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